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Ionic Solution has been providing hosting services since 2013. You can get cheap hosting from many hosting companies. But even if you save a little bit of money, it will be a big loss for your business in the future.

Cheap hosting will be very slow, you won’t have regular backups, you won’t have premium features like virus scanning and you may have to crack the cPanel license. This can cause your site to go down at any time. And if your business is web dependent then it will cause serious loss. So, we try to provide quality service at the right price.

We have NVME SSD High Speed Hosting Server and Light Speed Web Server with 100% uptime. So, the fast byte time of your site will be very short and the site will load very fast.

Fast site SEO is very important for a good customer experience. And we have a free site optimization service through which we optimize the images and codes of your site without any additional fees. As a result, the speed of the site is improved and SEO ranking increases.