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Facebook Promotion

Facebook has become one of the most popular Social Media Marketing Platforms in Bangladesh.

The use of Facebook is increasing day by day in online business from delivering your product or service to a large number of people to increasing the demand for it or running the business in a profitable way. Simultaneously, the propensity to advertise is increasing. However, not everyone can achieve success by advertising. One of the biggest reasons for this is wasting money in the name of Facebook boosting without following the rules in an unplanned way. 

At the same time, many ad managers become blocked or disabled due to giving their own ads in a fictitious way without following the guidelines of Facebook, which is very harmful for the business. There is a possibility of banning the Facebook page. If you want to keep your extra income or return on investment right, you need to plan properly and advertise on Facebook according to your product or service very tactfully.

You also need to analyze the information about the response rate of your page by time and feedback, that means, when your audience is more active or what kind of feedback comes from which type of post. Ionic Solution is beside you with the innovative solution of Facebook promotion by following all the guidelines of Facebook to keep your business active and secure.



Facebook Page Modification

When buying something in a store, you as a buyer consider the environment and safety of that store. The same is true of a Facebook page. You need to make sure that your page is well-organized and that your page is safe for online shopping. Ionic Solution has all the ways to make this task easier for you.





Facebook Page Maintenance

Suppose you have a store. Now you need one or more employees to take care of that store around the clock and talk to customers. In general, to run a business in a store you need a team to look after. It is also important to take care of a Facebook page in the same way. Communicating with customers in the inbox, answering customers’ questions in comments, confirming sales, etc.

Many take care of these tasks alone. Many people can’t handle everything in their busyness again. Ionic Solution’s page maintenance service is for them. Our team takes care of the entire page maintenance work from posting on page to keeping in touch with customers in the inbox very responsibly.

Content Management/ Development/ Writing

Content is one of the most important element of a Facebook page. The more interesting, contemporary and accurate your content is, the more engagement your page will have. Ionic Solution gives you a content management service where our skilled team develops different types of images, caption content for the page according to your business type.